Marine Spare Parts

At Tese and Techo Engineering, we understand the critical role that marine spare parts play in ensuring the smooth operation and reliability of marine vessels. Our comprehensive range of marine spare parts is meticulously curated to meet the stringent demands of the maritime industry.

Propulsion Systems

Our selection of marine propulsion systems is engineered for optimal performance and efficiency. Whether you're in need of propellers, thrusters, or related components, our range is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, providing reliable power to keep your vessels moving confidently.

Navigation Equipment

Navigate with precision using our state-of-the-art navigation equipment. From GPS systems to radar and electronic chart displays, our marine spare parts enhance safety and accuracy in every voyage. Trust in technology that meets industry standards for seamless navigation in all conditions.

Engine Components

Keep your marine engines running smoothly with our high-quality engine components. From fuel systems to exhaust components, we offer reliable parts designed to withstand the challenges of maritime operations. Our commitment to durability ensures that your engines perform at their best.

Safety Gear

Safety is paramount at sea. Our range of marine spare parts includes essential safety gear such as life-saving equipment, fire suppression systems, and emergency signaling devices. We prioritize products that comply with international safety regulations to enhance the well-being of your crew and vessel.

Electrical Systems

Ensure uninterrupted electrical power with our marine-grade electrical systems and components. From wiring harnesses to control panels, our products are designed to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and provide reliable electrical connectivity on board.

Ancillary Components

Explore our collection of ancillary components that complement various marine systems. From seals and gaskets to hoses and connectors, we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts to keep your vessel in top condition.